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"iHireEnvironmental saved me time and effort during my job search, and provided good job opportunities."

Charles T.

West Richland, WA
"I like how it shows such a wide range of government and non-government jobs. There were so many Earth/environmental jobs at firms I'd never heard of!"

Julia S.

Melbourne, FL
"After posting my resume with iHireEnvironmental I received two job offers!"

J'Ne H.

Little Rock, AR
"This a great resource for those unemployed and looking for work. "

Michael G.

Everett, WA
"Very helpful and well organized. Job suggestions received by email were relevant and email not too numerous like other job search website. More jobs in the environmental field than any other platform."


"iHireEnvironmental helped me with finding jobs that I was qualified for quickly, as well as provided resources for resume development and interview tips. I landed a job quickly that I would have never found or applied to without iHireEnvironmental."

Kylee S.

Boonsboro, MD
"Very helpful in finding jobs in your area."

Katina - Finding work

"Always had updates while I was looking when new positions opened up."


Hillsborough, NJ
"It's helped me find job postings in other areas than where I live!"

Ana P L.

Chula Vista, CA
"A couple weeks after signing up for premium I was able to find a job in my field!"

Benjamin W.

Bozeman, MT
"Thanks for your help finding employment. Your leads were most helpful."


Newark, DE
"The scoring system really helped focus my efforts. I worked on a great cover letter for those jobs with a high match score. Also, the ability to track progress through the search was very helpful. It kept me accountable for my activity."

Deanna S.

Kirkland, WA
"Provided relevant job opportunities to apply to. Great service, and not inundated by irrelevant spam-type opportunities "

Michael C.

Arlington Heights, IL
"Very efficient and specific to career desired."

Angelica - Very efficient and specific to career…

"My resume was reviewed and I was offered some helpful pointers. I applied to a job I found through iHireEnvironmental and just got my offer letter! Thank you!"

Victoria J.

Saint Paul, MN
"Honestly you guys helped a lot with finding quality science jobs in my career field. I was much more likely to get an interview using your service. The jobs were also much more in line with my interests. If I'm job hunting in the future I will use it again."

Nathaniel W.

Indianapolis, IN
"Thank you very much for all that you have done and for checking up on me. The search is perfect, so please continue using the same search criteria. I will make sure to let you know if anything pops up in the days to come. Thank you again."

Robert K.

Stafford, VA
"iHire kept me informed with up to date openings in my field of interest. "

Larry R.

Seaside, CA
"Thanks for your help! You gave me some great leads!"


Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
"iHire allowed me to focus my job search, application and resume towards the Jobs I was interested in."

Christopher B.

Burleson, TX
"Your website is very easy to use and user friendly. I would recommend your site to anyone seeking employment in the environmental field!"

Maurice J.

"It is my "go to" resource for finding a job when I need it the most!"

Brian Q.

Garnet Valley, PA
"iHire was a tremendous help in matching me with good employers. I received an amazing offer through this website but ultimately decided to accept an offer with a company I connected with outside of the site. This is a great tool for IH professionals looking for a good match."

"I applied to a position on iHire one day, the very next day the company called to set up an interview. I had a phone interview, then a site interview, and I was hired in about 10 days. "

Cynthia B.

Tallahassee, FL