Recruiting for Your Hybrid Office (Are You Ready?) [Webinar]

Companies large and small are shifting toward a hybrid office, where employees split their time between in-office and remote work locations. As HR professionals or hiring managers, this means making sure new and current employees understand what is expected of them under this model.

In our webinar, “Recruiting for Your Hybrid Office (Are You Ready?),” iHire’s Senior HR Consultant, Chrisanne Bowden, talks through some of the challenges and benefits of interviewing and hiring for this unique work model.

You’ll learn:

  • How to navigate potential challenges for hiring managers and candidates.
  • How to leverage hybrid work to expand your talent pool.
  • How to ask the right interview questions to ensure candidates are a good fit for the hybrid office model.
  • And more…

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By iHire | August 26, 2021